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Since we started out in 2003, we’ve always handled the management, creativity and production for all our projects. That’s why we say we’re both an agency and a production company. This positioning makes us more agile and competitive, controlling our projects from start to finish and offering our clients a complete service.

To do this we have a multi-skilled management team made up of professional communicators, designers and audiovisual producers who lead and run the day-to-day work of the advertising and entertainment projects we work on at La Diferencia.

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Founder & Creative Director

A filmmaker by vocation, and a screenwriter and producer trained at the Cuban Film School, the New York University and the Massachusetts School of Arts in Boston. At the age of 27 he founded La Diferencia, and since then he hasn’t stopped writing, producing and directing dozens of videos and advertising campaigns for clients of all kinds. In 2011, he combined his romantic idea of love with his enterprising nature to create the StreetMatching app, to help people hit by love at first sight in the street to contact one another. The app’s success lasted as long as a zero-budget viral campaign, though paradoxically in the same year Ed was one of the 25 Spanish entrepreneurs chosen by the Planeta publishing group to give testimony in the book Emprender es posible (Enterprise is Possible). He currently combines the creative management of the agency with writing and producing entertainment projects, highlights of which include the documentaries When a Dream Comes True and Empathy, winner of the People’s Award at the Greenpeace Film Festival and broadcast on television channels in Spain, the USA and Latin America.


Managing Partner

Journalist and publicist with over 15 years’ experience in communication. At university, still aiming to become a journalist, he tried his luck as a writer with the Europa Press news agency, but soon realized that writing teletypes and covering press conferences was stifling his creative abilities. Since then he has chosen to work in advertising. He learned his craft in small agencies working for big clients. The best school. He worked on copywriting, accounts, creativity and production. He learned from experienced colleagues and some of the top professionals in the industry. With them he was lucky enough to create advertising for household names in the food, pharmaceuticals, banking and non-profit sectors. After six packed years he decided it was time to see things from the other side and signed for the multinational Roca as head of marketing content. There he realized that brands are much more complex when you get to know them from on the inside, and above all exploded the belief that it’s easier being a client. Six years later, more enthusiastic than ever, he returned to the agency where he had grown up, this time to take the helm and keep up the high standard of management and creativity that are the stamp of La Diferencia.


Partner & Art Director

Héctor is a designer, animator and advertising creative, but above all he’s the art director at La Diferencia. His passion for visuals and his skill with a pencil made him stand out throughout his education, scooping most of the drawing prizes.

He graduated in graphic design at EINA. He did the third year of his degree at Venice’s prestigious IUAV, where he was trained in the emerging new design discipline of Motion Graphics. A graphic and audiovisual solution in which he uses all his wizardry for our clients’ benefit.

His time in Italy naturally made a mark on him. Specifically, on his hands. There he discovered his great skill at sculpting and shaping three-dimensional objects. What Héctor didn’t expect was that one of his sculptures would be chosen as the centerpiece in the Venice university pavilion at the 2008 Biennale.

In Barcelona he carried on learning at small studios and was the official designer for the Sónar festival, where he burned out a few brain cells. Finally, in 2013 he joined La Diferencia, becoming one of its greatest assets.



Xènia is our producer. She loves coordinating projects and having everything under control. She is meticulous, organized and very responsible, and always carries her notebook everywhere she goes. In that way, she’s a bit old school.

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations at the University of Girona, from a very young age she stood out for her sensitivity towards art and drawing, two passions that shaped her tireless patience and dedication.

She took her first steps in the industry during her internship at The Creative Agency, where she discovered her passion for producing. Months later, this experience allowed her to join DDB, where she worked as a production assistant in shootings for Aldi, the supermarket chain.

At La Diferencia, Xènia plays a leading role in each project’s production and makes sure that we all meet the deadlines. Her friendly, approachable and polite personality makes us all listen to her without complaint.


Graphic Designer

Celia is a graphic designer. One who’s a perfectionist. One who won’t submit any work until she’s completely convinced. Maybe she got her meticulous eye from us, or maybe she’s always been like that. Either way, we love her. What’s more, she’s self-taught, and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she’ll learn. And do her research. A lot. So much so that’s she’s now in charge of the animation for some videos.

She studied Graphic Design and Visual Communication at BAU in the morning, while working on a supermarket checkout in the afternoons to pay for her studies. Maybe we should have led with that.

She did an internship at La Diferencia, where she really made a name for herself because of her decisive skills and her commitment to everything she did. Of course, we didn’t think twice about hiring her.

In her free time, Celia “doesn’t do anything really cool,” in her own words. She’s to-the-point and upfront. She likes the simple things in life, simple plans like going to the cinema or having a beer with her friends. That, and after-work gatherings that we run every now and again at La Diferencia, where she lets us get to know her a little better and tells us stories about her hometown, Los Pertegaces in Teruel.


Post-Production Coordinator

Olga is our post-production coordinator. She’s originally from Alboraia, Valencia, where real horchata comes from, and she says she was born to be a video editor. She tells people with quite some pride and determination. She’s so passionate about it that she films scenes from her daily life every day on her camera, which she then edits to create monthly biographical episodes. Yes, we had the same reaction when she told us…

Needless to say, Olga studied Audio-visual Communication at the University of Castelló before moving to Barcelona to complete an MA in Film Editing at ESCAC, where she confirmed her love for Premier and DaVinci. Since then, she hasn’t stopped learning as an editor for advertising and fiction, editing adverts, short films and even Netflix series.

Here at La Diferencia, Olga organises our projects at the post-production stage, and she’s a delight to have around with her cheery and optimistic personality, always winding down the mood when things get stressful. She’s also a good cook, hailing from Valencia, she can always cook up an amazing rice dish that will leave everyone astounded. Or at least that’s what she says, we still need to put her to the test…